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Vision & Pathways


At Abbey Manor College, our vision is to give students ‘hope, determination and achievement’. Ultimately, we want students to become happy, fulfilled adults who achieve their full potential in life. We want them to have the courage to strive for their dreams, and if they come up short, the resilience to persevere.  We want them to take what they have learned at AMC, to forge ahead into the future.

Three Pathways to Success: Program participants grow and develop along three pathways, representing the journey they take through the curriculum. Abbey Manor College believes that all three pathways, Quality First Teaching, Behaviour for Learning and Emotional Wellbeing, are necessary contributors to developing students for the next phase of a fulfilled life. Students need to develop as members of groups—as members of a student body, as residents of a community and as citizens of the world.

Building a Strong Foundation: The foundation of all three pathways involves establishing a sense of Self Reflection, Accountability and Self Esteem. Once students have hope for the future, believing that they are important people deserving of success in life, we delve into deeper character cultivating determination to succeed both academically and personally.  Students are continuously encouraged to try new things and take healthy risks in order for them to embody a sense of achievement through the work we do at the College.

Teaching and Learning

This is delivered through high quality teaching and learning and a flexible, responsive and individualised curriculum tailored to meet individual need. 

We offer an entitlement to a minimum of 5 GCSEs or equivalent to Key Stage 4 learners and achievement is monitored using high quality and robust data to provide interventions that narrow the gap, and raise achievement.

Initial Assessment on entry to establish academic ability.

Full diagnostic assessments via the Assessment Hub.

A varied and accessible curriculum that supports students to return to mainstream education at KS3.

Clear career pathways supported by a Careers and Post 16 LSA/HLTA.




Behaviour for Learning

Pastoral support is central to engaging students in learning and this will be developed through meaningful relationships with their tutor, TA, Learning Mentor and external providers. As student voice and social justice permeates through all that we do at the college, students will have the opportunity to engage in the ambassador programme giving the leadership responsibilities from staff recruitment, to regular meetings with the Headteacher as well as representing student voice.













Emotional Wellbeing:

Many students experience high levels of trauma and will have significant gaps in their learning. On entry, students undergo a holistic review which includes an assessment of literacy (including Reading Age), numeracy. Cognition, and pastoral needs. 

Mental wellbeing support through Counsellors or other identified healthcare professionals is available onsite. Students are able to self-refer or are highlighted for support by a member of staff. Support is delivered via scheduled 1:1 meeting, small group of class sessions.

Sessions are available on:

  • Mental wellbeing
  • Bullying
  • Keeping safe in the community/weapons awareness
  • Sexual health
  • Substance misuse
  • Exam Stress
  • Online safety
  • Respect for self and others
  • Anxiety and depression

Alongside this we offer extra- curricular programmes that encourage students to have fun whilst developing their curiosity, resilience, balance, independence and thoughtfulness, supporting them to become respectful and lifelong learners.


Long-Term Outcomes: The pathways are designed to build on knowledge, skills and qualifications that are fit for the 21st century skills setting students up for success with regards to next steps towards their chosen careers; higher education and successful relationships. Students will be equipped to make the right choices and become positive role models in their communities.  

AMC will have gone someway to realising its vision for students in breaking down barriers that marginalise them from achieving their goals for the future.

Our Successes

  • Minimum 5 GCSE’s
  • Excellent Facilities and Resources
  • Ofsted Graded Good (Outstanding Features)
  • Varied Curriculum
  • International School Trips
  • 5 Star Scores on Doors
  • Community Projects
  • Football Cup Winners
  • BTEC /City and Guild Accredited Centre
  • Quality Work Experience
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