Applied Science

Would you like to become a forensic investigator, an inventor, science researcher or engineer? Do you like carrying out practical tasks and experiments? Do you wonder how things work? Are you interested in the solar system and space exploration, how the human body works, or how to investigate a crime scene?

The BTEC Applied Science course may be the right choice for you if:

  • You work best through practical investigation and enjoy learning about how things work.
  • You are interested in how science affects the world around you and how it is used in the workplace and industry.

In this qualification you study an equal amount of biology, chemistry and physics. There is ample opportunity within this course to explore the practical aspects of science, through guided laboratory work and develop your scientific skills.  Students gain an understanding of science and its ‘real world’ applications, with assignments tailored to the way science is used in the workplace.

When you successfully complete this course, you can then progress to one of the level 3 courses in different aspects of science which could be the next step towards university study such as sports science, engineering, medicine, dentistry and animal health. Alternatively, you could enter employment within the broad science/medical industry in roles such as laboratory technician, environmental and health protection and roles involving sample analysis.

Units to be completed:

Unit Number

Unit Name


Unit summary

1 (core)

Principles of Science


In this unit you will explore cells, organs and genes; explore the roles of the nervous and endocrine systems in homeostasis and

Communication; explore atomic structure and the periodic table; explore substances and chemical reactions; explore the importance of energy stores, energy transfers and energy transformations and explore the properties and applications of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

2 (core)

Chemistry and Our Earth


In this unit you will investigate chemical reactivity and bonding; investigate how the uses of chemical substances depend on their chemical and physical properties; investigate the factors involved in the rate of chemical reactions; understand the factors that are affecting the Earth and its environment.


Energy and Our Universe


In this unit you will understand ionising radiation, its uses and sources; know how electrical energy produced from different sources can be transferred through the National Grid to homes and industry and know the components of the Solar System, the way the Universe is changing and

the methods we use to explore space.


Biology and Our Environment


In this unit you will investigate the relationships that different organisms have with each other and with their environment; demonstrate an understanding of the effects of human activity on the environment and how these effects can be measured; explore the factors that affect human health.

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