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Curriculum Offer

KS3 Curriculum Offer

Students undertake an intensive programme of work designed to give them confidence in their learning so that they return to school able to access the curriculum successfully. The College has established close links with local secondary schools with whom our staff liaise closely to ensure that students can be successfully re-integrated back into mainstream settings.

KS3 students follow a curriculum which reflects that of a mainstream school and includes:

  • English
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Vocational Studies
  • Humanities 
  • Sports (2 sessions each group)
  • Nurture Group


KS4 Curriculum Offer

In order to gain good GCSE results, students need to attend and achieve at a consistently high level during Key Stage 4. They need to ensure course work is delivered on time, and that they regularly complete homework and class work. Failure to do this will have a detrimental impact upon GCSE grades. The majority of our Key Stage 4 students will not have been able to meet these demands, and as a result have a very negative attitude towards education. They are alienated from learning.

A vocational curriculum re-engages our students in learning. They can register at any point in the academic year, and late starters can achieve units, even if they do not achieve a full qualification. These units can then be transferred to Further Education to complete full qualifications. Students quickly understand the relevance of these qualifications, knowing that they lead to acceptance at Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges, apprenticeships or employment. Ultimately, they can lead to university.

The vocational curriculum at Abbey Manor College is not a second rate offer, but a high quality learning experience that often breaks the cycle of failure. All our vocational staff are highly trained specialists, and all subjects are extremely well resourced.

For more information about our offer please contact the College office in the first instance on 020 8297 7060 or send an email enquiry.

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