Student Support


The College offers a fresh start and students are expected to learn and achieve: our ethos is grounded in students taking responsibility for their own learning and actions. There is a commitment to social justice, and an emphasis on empowerment and self-respect. Equality of opportunity is successfully implemented as a focus on individual student need. The College offers an opportunity to achieve and recover from the damage of exclusion. Over time, young people who have become alienated from conventional educational settings gain confidence and start to learn effectively.

Student Support

Student support is a crucial element for successful work with our students. To this end, there is a team of Learning Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Attendance Officers, and a Police Officer. Teaching groups have a maximum of eight students with the support of a Teaching Assistant. Teaching staff are always on duty at break times, but receive a paid lunch hour with the proviso that they undertake some lunch duties. Students finish early on Fridays in order to facilitate team meetings, Student Focus meetings and so on. Timings are specifically designed so that as far as possible, staff can undertake meetings and other essential duties within a normal working day. We want healthy and stress-free staff who have a sensible work-life balance.

The College offers the opportunity for staff to join an organisation committed to raising achievement for a group of students who traditionally have little choice or opportunity in their education. We are developing a reputation as a centre of excellence in providing creative and innovative programmes for students who are on the verge of permanent exclusion from school or have been permanently excluded.

The College has the highest expectations for its students and aims to be excellent in the provision of education out of school. We are committed to social justice and challenge traditional practice and orthodoxies in order to support young people who are talented and creative.